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Groundhog Removal in Kentucky

Groundhog Removal

Identifying Groundhogs

Groundhogs, alternatively known as woodchucks, belong to the squirrel family. They possess stocky, compact bodies covered in brown to gray fur. Groundhogs are equipped with curved claws, ideal for excavating burrows. As herbivorous mammals, they feed on a range of vegetables, and when not foraging, they are often observed basking in the sun during the warmest parts of the day.

Groundhog burrow

Problems and Damage

The majority of damage caused by groundhogs results from their feeding habits, as they consume vegetation in proximity to their den sites. For homeowners with backyard gardens, this presents a significant concern since it serves as a prime feeding area for groundhogs. Typically, groundhogs do not establish their dwellings in human-occupied spaces; instead, they tend to dig burrows beneath manmade structures. Over time, these burrows can lead to structural problems if left unaddressed. Groundhogs are also carriers of diseases such as rabies and tularemia, and they may host ticks and fleas. It's important to note that not all groundhogs carry diseases, but in the event of any scratches or bites, immediate medical attention is advisable.

Prevention and Exclusions

Prevention and Exclusions

To prevent groundhogs from entering your home, Complete Animal Removal has the capability to detect and seal potential entry points using durable, heavy-duty materials that are resilient enough to prevent unwanted animals from re-entering your residence.

Trapped groundhog

Groundhog Removal

If you've discovered a groundhog has infiltrated your home or property, Complete Animal Removal provides expert removal services. Our wildlife specialists are well-versed in groundhog behavior, allowing them to promptly and compassionately trap and eliminate the unwanted groundhogs. Contact us now for professional groundhog removal services.